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Friday, September 4, 2009

Yellow, White, and Black

vinnie && donte

mr.carls jr
#1 ice cream hands down

dear vinnie, lmao dude dante and I just cant see you that way manggg!
always will enjoy abrupt conversations, also forgot to mention the 5 star restaurant carls jr. has, they deliver your food to you and they ask if you need anything dante and i felt like there was a need for tip haha, i mean they have better service for Denny's which is in my opinion pretty sorry. so i guess i have grown a intimate love connection with melon hi-chews as they knocked out strawberry for the top spot met a very nice woman who said i had a very nice camera (thank you btw) and returned the favor by saying "well, you have a pretty face" , smiled and walked away haha. paid a visit to marie shalley and shanelle and saw charles and adrian? not even sure. got my rite aid ice cream and decided to try pistachio nut wasnt dissappointed might actually get it again <3.

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