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Monday, September 13, 2010

wadddup SF!

so the beginning of summer...
so kev mike and I have been talking about this trip to SF and how we're going to go there before school starts, personally I thought it was all talk haha... looks like we decided to make it happen.
the drive wasn't so bad each of us took a 2 -- 3 hour shift to drive. Sadly, mike and I ktfo during kevins shift haha.
unfortunately we may have received a speeding ticket however i guess i'll be part of our memorabilia we're creating for SF. in addition to kevins "green tea vitamin water" haha go ask him about it.
no rules, no schedules, no parents, just us.
time to indulge myself to clam chowder bread bowls for the next 3 days.
song of the trip.
nelly - just a dream.

our intinerary
this... saved our ass.

Day 1 of Mischievous

Met up with the boy, Davis! toured around a bit in union square. took him back to the hotel and had our way with him... haha kidding we just had dinner. guess what... yup more seafood :D
p.s. - kinda missed the girlfriend already. ha!
some snaps of the city

where most of our eating took place.
pier 39
"cupid's bow & arrow"

Day 2
more clam chowder. drive over to the exploratorium museum of sciences.
drove the golden gate bridge.
visited the fairfax and melrose of SF to see some shops.
stepped on dog poop.
pier 39.

kevin and his food
mike and his food.
my food.
pretty much summed up day 2
now for day 3
last day @ the fisherman's warf
then headed back south and took a stop over at cannary row, monterey and h
ad a oceanside dinner. haha
after headed back to L.A.

cannary row
random i know, but i've always wanted to do this.
our oceanside dinner. bwaha.

can't wait for this again next year.
till next time guys.


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