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Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbye 2009 see you soon 2010

can't believe it either. years ending and i just wanted to thank everyone who took a part in mind.
graduating high school was a great accomplishment and starting college was something new.
death of a music legend michael jackson and a infamous kennedy.
highlight of 2009
the single ladies dance.
i hope everyone enjoyed 2009 to the fullest and enjoyed it as much as the other person. happy holidays and i wish you all a happy and safe new years.

a few things to do in #2010
jump into a pool with my clothes on
hug a celebrity
give a random person 20$
write a letter in a bottle
... more to be added.

plans for new years?
spending it with my mother and her friends at vegas
see you in twothousandten

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Human Nature

i would like to acknowledge boyz II men for an amazing cover
and my mother for showing me this song. HAHA thanks mom
take a listen! (=

Sunday, December 27, 2009

and this christmas...!

Christmas day
post Christmas day
other goodies

Christmas this year sneaked up on all of us. I admit, it didn't feel like Christmas was in a few days/hours until arriving at midnight mass at st.dominics. seeing all my friends at mass became a wake up call to my vision of christmas. clocked stroke 12, pulled out the phone and sent a mass text to everyone and to whoever i missed, happy holidays! Christmas day started off well with a warming present from vinnie... literally warming, thanks for the comfy blanket. Tiff, thanks for the pudding LOL oh and also the hoodie. Jaystar! came through with the hi-chews! thank you. Early christmas bliss at geni's house with some of my closest friends mike, jay, kellie, keith, and geni at her house. fun picture takings with michael and keith later tagged along with kellie and geni. Went home, woke up to a morning from my mom and opened our presents. Went to a few parties saw more friends and family stuffed myself in some filipino food and headed home. Headed to geni's house again with a abrupt invite and walked into some drunkies haha it was all fun though. headed home and spent the last two hours with my mother eating some soup and watching TFC (it grew on me!) Hope everyone had a merry christmas and enjoyed their share of the holidays. Next Up... 2010

Monday, December 14, 2009

i love graffiti

still on this chris brown album. haven't listened to anything else but this haha. well done chris had some doubts about this ablum but i honestly think its better than exclusive. the album cover still bugs me though, they could have done better, booo.
tracks to look out for
1. I Need this
2. I'll Go
3. Gotta Be Your Man
4. I Love You
5. Take My Time
6. For Ur Love
something other than crawl and so cold.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

almost there

i forgot how hard it was to go shopping when its for others rather than yourself.
kinda heartbreaking but in exchange you get that feeling of where you can't wait to hand that gift over to a friend
how we endeavor ourselves to find that gift for our friends to see them happy.
but now i am B.R.O.K.E
got about 90% of my shopping done
still gotta search for that perfect gift for my mother.

12 days till Christmas!

shout out to katrina templo... happy 18th birthday !
up next vinnie brascia !

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Style with Ease

kids got steez.

Friday, December 11, 2009

so long and farewell.

from when i first got when i watched you grow in my living room and create such a excellent gamer.
seeing you with red rings was painful. 3 years strong

man just my luck. right when i hit winter break. GG haha

the wish list.


with Christmas coming up i came up with a small wishlist haha
the northface pullover hoodie M
new digital camera
new tripod
18-55 mm lens filters

finger cut off mittens

gift cards
things that i named on the top of my head. come through santa!

with that said, its pho season seeing that i lost my pho virginity a few weeks ago thanks to Noxet and Cpt. Pisstradomi. Lemongrass by my pad is quite far the best place i've had, but then again its the only place i've had pho bahaha. Hopefully i get the chance to go to a legit pho spot with the labeled numbers (you hardcore pho fanatics know what i'm talking about)

guess who's back

so i've been pretty busy settling in to college and my pledgeship towards SAE.
so far it has been a great experience.

my break has officially started. finished my finals (murdered them!) and now looking forward to my Christmas and New Years.
time to go shopping for the homies.

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