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Sunday, January 31, 2010

the buried life.

MTV Shows
finally a show on mtv that has a meaning and promotes humanity. check the show out, you'll probably like it as much as i do.
this piece actually made me tear up a bit. looking forward to the upcoming episodes.
here's an episode of a father who wanted to reconnect with his son who he hasn't seen for 17 years and left him when he was a child. something he wanted to do before he died. quite touching. take a peek

weekend was great picked up more kobes, FU nike. my wallet is in need of rehab.
random phone call to go eat ihop with a tomboy, restless singer, and siopao cheeks fun and spontaneous
kicked it with my pledge bros. big bro night was great. tacos with everyone. ended with a goodnight phone call (=
two more weeeeks! at least you're back on the weekend of valentines day. can't wait to spin hug you. bahaha

Monday, January 25, 2010

i should be...

so i'm sitting in front of my computer trying to find some kind of motivation on doin' my essay. funny thing we're writting about food and culture. knowing me and how my mother is a master chef, it should be easy right? explaining how telling hispanics taco bell is some bomb ass mexican food, or some chinese person panda express is the greatest asian food you've ever let your mouth engulf is just funny.
anyway back to my point. here's what i really wanted to post... the songs that i've been hearing most during the week.

1.keri hilson - knock you down (acoustic)
2. michael buble - haven't met you yet
3. mims - i don't have you
4. blu & exile - first things first
5. loon - down for me
6. ne-yo - sexy love
7. songz - takes time to love
8. chris brown - forever (cam'rox remix)
9. young money - bed rock (its catchhhyyyyy)
10. 112 - you already know

now back to the essay, lates!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"I cant stop my hands from touching you
I cant stop my arms from holding you
I cant stop my body from needing you"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Us Placers..

always listened to the song, however never actually seen the video. pretty ill
CRS - Us Placers
I would like to thank nike for eating my wallet. however pretty stoked to receive these pieces

Friday, January 15, 2010

Speaking Of..

you all know the movie, 500 days of summer, and talking about how good of a movie it was.
anyone remember this scene? With summer riding a bike on some beautiful street? looking familiar...?
YUP! my street bitchesssss.
sorry, just wanted the world to know since i thought it was somewhat interesting haha.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

its ok blogspot . . . im still here, I wont leave you for no tumbling . . .tumble . . . tumblr whatever it is.

so for all you TFC people out there... and I
KNOW there are many lowkey people out there who get vacuumed into those tv series and if you're smiling... well we know who watches it haha. I just wanted to let the world to know, or i guess my blogspot world to know
i have a crush on Angelica Panganiban

Saturday, January 9, 2010

looking at a guys perspective.

Swingers! never heard, seen, or known about this movie's existence till last night. This 1996 film was actually a pretty....really good movie. "its the old version of 500 days of summer" according to kevin haha. the film actually has a message to think about and gives a guys perspective on how complicated and hard it is to get over that "first love" without overdoing it or making it complicated. these set of guys are the ideal homies you would want to have haha.

movie quote

Rob: You don't look at the things that you have, you only look at the stuff that you don't have. Those guys are right about you - you're money.
Mike: Then why won't she call?
: She won't call because you left. she's got her own life to deal with, man, and that's in New York... alright? And she's a sweet girl,
and I love her to pieces, but fuck her, man. You gotta get on with your life. You gotta let go of the past. And Mikey, when you do, I'm telling you: the future is beautiful, alright? Look out the window. It's sunny every day here. It's like manifest destiny. Don't tell me we didn't make it. We made it! We are here. And everything that is past is prologued to this. All of the shit that didn't kill us is only - you know, all that shit. You're gonna get over it.

Mike: How did you get over it? I mean, how long did it take?
Rob: Sometimes it still hurts. You know how it is, man. It's like, you wake up every day and it hurts a little bit less, and then you wake up one day and it doesn't hurt at all. And the funny thing is, is that, this is kinda wierd, but it's like, it's like you almost miss that pain.
Mike: You miss the pain?
Rob: Yeah, for the same reason that you missed her... because you lived with it for so long.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


robin thicke just killed it

some of the music thats been keeping my ears occupied and myself sane.
1. addiction - ryan leslie of me (siik) - mya
3.pretty brown eyes - amerie ft songz
(mike it grew on me!)
4.. fix me up - ne-yo
5. stray - cassie
6. lost without you - robin thicke
7. mona lisa - robin thicke
8. sex therapy (remix) - robin thicke ft luda
9. remember the time - mr. jackson

check 'em out they wont disappoint.


back to school already? ehh my schedule isn't so bad, looking at the bright side i get to wake up at 11:00 on MW class... my only class i might add haha. however i dread my sched. for TR 8:00 - 3:10 with a 2 hour break at 11 so its not so bad, actually gives me time to spend time with my pledge bros and the brothers. So today i decided to try something out of the ordinary "Philly cheese steak w/ well done fries and half fruit punch and and sierra mist", and got myself a pastrami melt with some juice it up drink "banana rama". enough about unique details of my day. just got to adjust to coming back to school already =/. looking at a busy schedule for school. bring it on. haha

Monday, January 4, 2010


happy new years everyone! kinda late.
well i spent my new years at vegas with my mother accompanied with one of her numerous friends and friends jj and jill.
felt great celebrating it with family friends. usually its just my mother and I, felt great for a change.
however I was a little paranoid that I was going to be stuck in a van by the time it hit 12:00 since traffic was hectic in Vegas! but we found some ghetto parking over on some open field, so what the heck.. we decided to park there since everyone else did. anxious for the 10 second countdown we rushed over to the strip and joined everyone else around us.
what did i do once it hit 12:00?
i jumped repetitively, counted all my money in my wallet, and threw a bunch of loose change in the air.
glad I was surrounded by drunk loving people, it couldn't get any better.

p.s. - this girl is different i like it :)

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