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Saturday, September 19, 2009

ready, set, go!

well yesterday started off with a lunch dedication to both kevin and michael for leaving for college @ the boiling crab accompanied with @kelliemaee @ohkevingee @micool1 @imxedward and @ajPINAY (LOL im just kidding aj) and might i add was super delicious. well michael was leaving for his dorm around 6 so headed home right after. btw i am officially hooked on farmville its just so fun! haha back to the topic, well now kev is leaving today for irvine and to you hope everything goes well. later went over to jays house to kick it and play some COD and some beer/ping pong and pretty much SMASHED! haha might i add that jaystarr and i make a pretty good team. gotta say david abel lis a pretty down kid, good shit besides the throwing up part HAHA

glad i got friends like you guys, well good luck to my best friends kev and michael good luck in UCLA and UCI proud of you fcukers
and kev you still gotta find me a UCI chick, please and thank you haha.
you guys will be just fine.

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