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Thursday, September 17, 2009

do you rememba something something septemba!

oh how i miss high school. went to shakeys night for the class of 2010 (who lost the cheer-off, yes to us the amazing class of 2009) accompanied by my wingwoman kellie or a best friend of mine haha either one, and showed up to a full house, and started off with a "manly" kiss form bela haha i love you faggot. oh how i remember when i played suck and blow and the funny thing is that i had a guy to my left and to my right, thanks jaystar and kev haha. I was pretty impressed too, not because of the numerous people that supported them, but to how i was in that same position just a year ago. it felt great being welcomed back by all of the current seniors, thanks for missing me haha. well have as much fun as you can 2010 time will fly and before you know it graduation will rush up to your face and everyones gonna go their seperate ways for college and then you get to all share your tears with one another. anyway didn't get as many tickets as i did last time with an amazing 1 dollar : 270 tickets ratio compared to today 2 dollars : 120 tickets still satisfied i got to win the jackpot though. ordered myself some chicken mojos and pizza later knowing i could have mooched off anyone who was in there. finished the day with another "manly" kiss form davis i also you mr, avatar haha. anyway glad i got to be part of your first senior event, cant wait to see you guys graduate. enjoy senior year youngggin's

p.s. - shout out to kathlynn! she received her permit and now she can do anything in the world, if you know her go give her a pat on the back and a novice congradulations! <3

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