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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Promtastic Flag Weekend.

holy family prom.
vinnie yanikaaaa, my prom date katrina whom was a very awesome prom date whom i cherish vastly , and i
pretty stocked about it being on a boat. wasn't a fan for the drive there since it took a kabagillion hours.
started off sloww, kickedd in towards the end. to sum it all up. motion sickness, hershey's toffee, single ladies, jerkin', lady gaga, pretty pictures, and a pretty awkward dancer. haha overall if was a pretty cool experience. thanks katrina for pickin me as you're prom date <3.

sherry & sheena panget. (edit. paet) , "Jed" , Ray, Digi.
sheena's performance might i add did pretty well. im glad i know a person who does flags. just makes my life 10 x more exciting. haha. wenonna over here now known as hoover's flag prodigy. they did so well. watching it once was a task watching it 2x? its own little man vs wild the 2nd time. good job hoover. oh also, taught them ninja, gonna spread like wildfire, i know it. noobies. <3>
if you haven't watched it, you need to see it. disney's just stepping up in the movie business. i think this beat wall-e by an inch. sorry wall-e & eve <3>. moved up #2 on my disney list. right in front of wall-e and behind the lion king. don't worry i got you simba nothing's going to surpass you. promise.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

little lie.

ok ok maybe i lied about the whole updating it daily. it's just been so busy lately... haha


starting from when i woke up
9 am - 1 pm - hiking / waterfall searching w/ vinnie, adam, & dante
huge fail. waterfall was pretty disappointing not to mention the millions of people who were there. -____-
so we decided to head out to there main waterfall which you can actually jump off ledges and into the water butt EVERYONE in the entire fuxing world decided to go hiking today. ended up failing the wholee day haha
1 pm - 7 pm - vinnie, kevin & kyle, adam, keith
basketball basketball basketball basketball
pretty boring day actually just glad i got to catch up with my love... basketball haha

NO SCHOOL TOMORROW. thank you memorial day.


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