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Saturday, September 26, 2009

so far so good

so heres what's been up lately.
1. started college
2. got hooked on farmville
3. been playing handful amounts of beer pong
4. kidnapped by SKY(E)

my first day of college was... something different. i gotta admit i was pretty nervous but i pulled through and made a few new friends by accidentally hitting them or dropping on a pencil in front of them which then leads to some small talk booya, try it out trust me i'll work haha. first class, scheduled to be an hour and a half class ended up being 20 min, looking forward to the professor seems like suttle teacher, ended up having about an hour to kill before my next class so cesar spend it together since our second class started at the same time and decided to kick it at the pit to just talk and watch some extreme marvel vs capcom 2 players and ping pong olympians, REDICULOUS! saw many familiar faces around school as in familiar i mean people form ERHS. Basically after my second period i just headed home, on my way met up with bejay (sp?) and fadul! ended up having a little gathering at starbucks, met up with a few eagle rockers, just kicked back and relax'. jaystarr decided to have some bbq going on played beerpong ate chicken and waited on the FLAKE fadul turns out he showed up around 1 AM telling us he'll be over around 10 PM haha.

alright to all of those who play farmvill, well and to those who don't i am warning you right now it is extremely addicting and fun. and to those who doubt me you all have dull lives. well heres a little picture of my farm (still under construction) palning to some a pac man thing in the next few days hopefully it turns out pretty bahaha! and as you can see i was as detailed as possible by even adding the box as well as the coins... yeah so many i might need a life but this one works for now :D

yesturdayy was a planned kidnappi... scratch that ABDUCTION by yanigga, hearkatmeow, and shalay! haha just wanted to let you all know that i really appricaite all the effort and time you put into it haha i am forever indebted to you fools. even though you guys were horrible at trying to surprise me level 1 ninjas. started off with the "rollercoaster" adam carrera revealed the whole world to which was fun. get this... these mofos ATTEMPTED to make me go to cue with them.. yeah i know right?! i already told you its agaist my religion and im not ready to break that covent with God which we made a while back baha! aww walked around a bit did some talking it was great. saw marie! oh its great how she appriciates my clothing i give her and how she pulls them off, you make my proud. did some window drawing with crayolas quite emberassing but what the hell i thought it was somewhat cute. had some yogurt haven and headed my ass home. my prize? 4 packs of hi-chews baby haha this beetches made my friday haha.

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