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Monday, September 7, 2009

labor day monday

and my attempt for the peoples eyebrow. FAIL

then there is me and what i wore.
and then there's this fool whom i love. watch out he'll be on the news one day for beating the fcuk out of
lil waynee (young monaaay!)

forgot this ones name. my most productive conversation was with this boy, from doing the reject to asking me if i'm ticklish to call of duty even though hes on the PStriple side its cool. you're one cool kid haha i'll secretly name you rufio.

marie: "am i gonna be on your blog!" <3>

americanas grass meets my shoes

vinnies favorite.

day started off quite slow, joined my mother for a lunch date with her friends at chanktown; pork chop and pan fried noodles FTW. did some laundry watch some old batman on boomerang. Americana again met a girl who shared the same love for churros, went to go check out Costco sadly it was barricaded by shopping carts. got myself some rite aid ice cream again. finished the day off chilling at the coffee table for a quick min checking up on the nigga dante. until tomorrow PEACE.

side note: india aire you're the shit.

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