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Saturday, September 26, 2009

so far so good

so heres what's been up lately.
1. started college
2. got hooked on farmville
3. been playing handful amounts of beer pong
4. kidnapped by SKY(E)

my first day of college was... something different. i gotta admit i was pretty nervous but i pulled through and made a few new friends by accidentally hitting them or dropping on a pencil in front of them which then leads to some small talk booya, try it out trust me i'll work haha. first class, scheduled to be an hour and a half class ended up being 20 min, looking forward to the professor seems like suttle teacher, ended up having about an hour to kill before my next class so cesar spend it together since our second class started at the same time and decided to kick it at the pit to just talk and watch some extreme marvel vs capcom 2 players and ping pong olympians, REDICULOUS! saw many familiar faces around school as in familiar i mean people form ERHS. Basically after my second period i just headed home, on my way met up with bejay (sp?) and fadul! ended up having a little gathering at starbucks, met up with a few eagle rockers, just kicked back and relax'. jaystarr decided to have some bbq going on played beerpong ate chicken and waited on the FLAKE fadul turns out he showed up around 1 AM telling us he'll be over around 10 PM haha.

alright to all of those who play farmvill, well and to those who don't i am warning you right now it is extremely addicting and fun. and to those who doubt me you all have dull lives. well heres a little picture of my farm (still under construction) palning to some a pac man thing in the next few days hopefully it turns out pretty bahaha! and as you can see i was as detailed as possible by even adding the box as well as the coins... yeah so many i might need a life but this one works for now :D

yesturdayy was a planned kidnappi... scratch that ABDUCTION by yanigga, hearkatmeow, and shalay! haha just wanted to let you all know that i really appricaite all the effort and time you put into it haha i am forever indebted to you fools. even though you guys were horrible at trying to surprise me level 1 ninjas. started off with the "rollercoaster" adam carrera revealed the whole world to which was fun. get this... these mofos ATTEMPTED to make me go to cue with them.. yeah i know right?! i already told you its agaist my religion and im not ready to break that covent with God which we made a while back baha! aww walked around a bit did some talking it was great. saw marie! oh its great how she appriciates my clothing i give her and how she pulls them off, you make my proud. did some window drawing with crayolas quite emberassing but what the hell i thought it was somewhat cute. had some yogurt haven and headed my ass home. my prize? 4 packs of hi-chews baby haha this beetches made my friday haha.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

lataaaa summer, wasupppp college!

finally ! the most anticipated moment ive been waiting months for! college! can't say i wont miss summer, cause i will did some new things and made new friends thanks to everyone who was involved, now i finally get to go back to school after a long 3 months of fun and games
what else can i say besides the point that i am...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

ready, set, go!

well yesterday started off with a lunch dedication to both kevin and michael for leaving for college @ the boiling crab accompanied with @kelliemaee @ohkevingee @micool1 @imxedward and @ajPINAY (LOL im just kidding aj) and might i add was super delicious. well michael was leaving for his dorm around 6 so headed home right after. btw i am officially hooked on farmville its just so fun! haha back to the topic, well now kev is leaving today for irvine and to you hope everything goes well. later went over to jays house to kick it and play some COD and some beer/ping pong and pretty much SMASHED! haha might i add that jaystarr and i make a pretty good team. gotta say david abel lis a pretty down kid, good shit besides the throwing up part HAHA

glad i got friends like you guys, well good luck to my best friends kev and michael good luck in UCLA and UCI proud of you fcukers
and kev you still gotta find me a UCI chick, please and thank you haha.
you guys will be just fine.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

do you rememba something something septemba!

oh how i miss high school. went to shakeys night for the class of 2010 (who lost the cheer-off, yes to us the amazing class of 2009) accompanied by my wingwoman kellie or a best friend of mine haha either one, and showed up to a full house, and started off with a "manly" kiss form bela haha i love you faggot. oh how i remember when i played suck and blow and the funny thing is that i had a guy to my left and to my right, thanks jaystar and kev haha. I was pretty impressed too, not because of the numerous people that supported them, but to how i was in that same position just a year ago. it felt great being welcomed back by all of the current seniors, thanks for missing me haha. well have as much fun as you can 2010 time will fly and before you know it graduation will rush up to your face and everyones gonna go their seperate ways for college and then you get to all share your tears with one another. anyway didn't get as many tickets as i did last time with an amazing 1 dollar : 270 tickets ratio compared to today 2 dollars : 120 tickets still satisfied i got to win the jackpot though. ordered myself some chicken mojos and pizza later knowing i could have mooched off anyone who was in there. finished the day with another "manly" kiss form davis i also you mr, avatar haha. anyway glad i got to be part of your first senior event, cant wait to see you guys graduate. enjoy senior year youngggin's

p.s. - shout out to kathlynn! she received her permit and now she can do anything in the world, if you know her go give her a pat on the back and a novice congradulations! <3

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

what if...

ok, maybe i got bored, but hey i thought it was funny haha

Monday, September 14, 2009


stopped by yogurt haven to check out mr.aj rarael, and with all honestly i felt gay for a split second due to his humble voice. anyway check out the homie jayson (aka jaystarr) get wet signing she was mine (yes it is sideways sorry). yo jay, youre one talented mofo keep it up! step up your ping pong game though haha. kicked it at his hizzouse with joanna and josh smashed in COD and ping pong and accomplished a clean ollie. Hotel626 is pretty decent good job doritos.

friday saturday sunday.
so this has been my life for the past weekend.
with a side of ping pong and call of duty.
adam michael and jayson: FCUK you guys let me win.

Friday, September 11, 2009


you are my idol.

heading back to the CITY

good run rhythm city
chris brown performance was at its best
you guys were my favorite group sucks to see you go

Thursday, September 10, 2009

4 Guys and a Taco Truck

spend the night with @jaastarr @micool1 and @ohkevingee. night started off with some extreme ping pong over at jaysons might i add he underestimated my ping pong talent whooped him the first game, sadly beat me three games in a row after. michaels finally decided to show up and decided to get in on some ping pong action, man i know you're a best friend and all but get to some PRACTICING son! haha but hey with the pictures we took i think you got a career in becoming a ping pong model HAHA. kevin came an hour or two later went to go some tacos talked a little bit and we all decided to go back to jays house. guess what another hour or two of bonding on his roof, its free and hey you get to remenice on so many things. turned out like always great.


amazing how a four year friendship can feel like we grew up since the sandbox, while others still have their "cliques" and so called "besties" who struggle to find a friendship and grow apart after a year or two quickly finding a replacement. i'm blessed to know that we have established a friendship that is indelible, and that you guys will always have my back and not to mention my front. looking forward to playing golf with you guys in the next 20 years with a bright future ahead of us. see you bitchesss tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


check out his mixtape, sh*ts ridiculous.
doin' it big
can't wait for the album "ready"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

gobble, gobble, gobble

great day.

sold my shoes to a guy who bussed it over form riverside (i applaud your dedication for the shoes i sold you) haha. got home had a abrput conversation with casheeeena for 12 min, ALWAYS being side tracked. wen't bowling and ate some TURKEY :) if you dont know why its cause i got three strikes. haha this entry was somewhat lethargic. meet me on niggz

Monday, September 7, 2009

labor day monday

and my attempt for the peoples eyebrow. FAIL

then there is me and what i wore.
and then there's this fool whom i love. watch out he'll be on the news one day for beating the fcuk out of
lil waynee (young monaaay!)

forgot this ones name. my most productive conversation was with this boy, from doing the reject to asking me if i'm ticklish to call of duty even though hes on the PStriple side its cool. you're one cool kid haha i'll secretly name you rufio.

marie: "am i gonna be on your blog!" <3>

americanas grass meets my shoes

vinnies favorite.

day started off quite slow, joined my mother for a lunch date with her friends at chanktown; pork chop and pan fried noodles FTW. did some laundry watch some old batman on boomerang. Americana again met a girl who shared the same love for churros, went to go check out Costco sadly it was barricaded by shopping carts. got myself some rite aid ice cream again. finished the day off chilling at the coffee table for a quick min checking up on the nigga dante. until tomorrow PEACE.

side note: india aire you're the shit.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Yellow, White, and Black

vinnie && donte

mr.carls jr
#1 ice cream hands down

dear vinnie, lmao dude dante and I just cant see you that way manggg!
always will enjoy abrupt conversations, also forgot to mention the 5 star restaurant carls jr. has, they deliver your food to you and they ask if you need anything dante and i felt like there was a need for tip haha, i mean they have better service for Denny's which is in my opinion pretty sorry. so i guess i have grown a intimate love connection with melon hi-chews as they knocked out strawberry for the top spot met a very nice woman who said i had a very nice camera (thank you btw) and returned the favor by saying "well, you have a pretty face" , smiled and walked away haha. paid a visit to marie shalley and shanelle and saw charles and adrian? not even sure. got my rite aid ice cream and decided to try pistachio nut wasnt dissappointed might actually get it again <3.


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