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Friday, April 10, 2009

so yesterday was the day i had to save for my friends to supposedly go out to eat kabuki. ha walking into the house having a GUT feeling something was gonna happen, walk into the halls... few seconds later.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWARD . It was great thanks everyone who showed up to make it happen and also thanks to AGK for setting it up you guys are awesome. just a chill party with food and street fighter IV it was great ha. finished the night/morning off with 2 hours of CRANIUM great party.

on the side note...

i could never thank you enough for everything you have given me. hope we celebrate your birthday a million more times. i wish i could give you anything and everything you want or wanted but for now hopefully my level 1 cooking skills will do. thanks again for everything, hope you have the greatest birthday and next year i hope you have a greater one. growing up under your care has made me what i am today, i am proud to be your son. i love you

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

great knowing you wallet.

hello there, let me tell you whats been going on this weekend.

so friday.. JDD! jdd was actually so much more than i expected.. it was actually really fun which makes me regret not going to my own jdd thanks kathlynn it was awesome being your date hada or #3 as we call it, good job 2010 but proms just around the corner cant wait for that. haha well the whole night was pretty fun except the downside of losing my wallet. =/ ehh shit happens.

my birthday! sunday spending it with my mom, relatives, and friends thanks for making that day great. mom I LOVE YOU. waking up as korny as this sounds with a bithday kiss on the forehead and 2 vases of flowers on the table made the day start off great. now to top your present with your birthday coming up on the 10th. mom your the greatest.

well dont feel like going into detail with anything just gave a breif summary haha well as of now my legs feel like jello due to the intense workout vinnie gave me never the less im glad i worked out haha time to go lay down and ice these babies.



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