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Thursday, September 10, 2009

4 Guys and a Taco Truck

spend the night with @jaastarr @micool1 and @ohkevingee. night started off with some extreme ping pong over at jaysons might i add he underestimated my ping pong talent whooped him the first game, sadly beat me three games in a row after. michaels finally decided to show up and decided to get in on some ping pong action, man i know you're a best friend and all but get to some PRACTICING son! haha but hey with the pictures we took i think you got a career in becoming a ping pong model HAHA. kevin came an hour or two later went to go some tacos talked a little bit and we all decided to go back to jays house. guess what another hour or two of bonding on his roof, its free and hey you get to remenice on so many things. turned out like always great.


amazing how a four year friendship can feel like we grew up since the sandbox, while others still have their "cliques" and so called "besties" who struggle to find a friendship and grow apart after a year or two quickly finding a replacement. i'm blessed to know that we have established a friendship that is indelible, and that you guys will always have my back and not to mention my front. looking forward to playing golf with you guys in the next 20 years with a bright future ahead of us. see you bitchesss tomorrow.

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