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Monday, January 25, 2010

i should be...

so i'm sitting in front of my computer trying to find some kind of motivation on doin' my essay. funny thing we're writting about food and culture. knowing me and how my mother is a master chef, it should be easy right? explaining how telling hispanics taco bell is some bomb ass mexican food, or some chinese person panda express is the greatest asian food you've ever let your mouth engulf is just funny.
anyway back to my point. here's what i really wanted to post... the songs that i've been hearing most during the week.

1.keri hilson - knock you down (acoustic)
2. michael buble - haven't met you yet
3. mims - i don't have you
4. blu & exile - first things first
5. loon - down for me
6. ne-yo - sexy love
7. songz - takes time to love
8. chris brown - forever (cam'rox remix)
9. young money - bed rock (its catchhhyyyyy)
10. 112 - you already know

now back to the essay, lates!

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