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Monday, January 4, 2010


happy new years everyone! kinda late.
well i spent my new years at vegas with my mother accompanied with one of her numerous friends and friends jj and jill.
felt great celebrating it with family friends. usually its just my mother and I, felt great for a change.
however I was a little paranoid that I was going to be stuck in a van by the time it hit 12:00 since traffic was hectic in Vegas! but we found some ghetto parking over on some open field, so what the heck.. we decided to park there since everyone else did. anxious for the 10 second countdown we rushed over to the strip and joined everyone else around us.
what did i do once it hit 12:00?
i jumped repetitively, counted all my money in my wallet, and threw a bunch of loose change in the air.
glad I was surrounded by drunk loving people, it couldn't get any better.

p.s. - this girl is different i like it :)

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