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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

night of a million dreams.

prom was perfect. no other word in the dictionary how amazing this was.

kicking in to prom was just another shove from the world reminding us how close we are to graduation.
as we go into the ballroom taking a good look at the senior class of '09 on how diverse and close our family has become. Disney is honestly the happiest place on earth not to mention having prom there?! is just simply indescribable.

Decoration looked elegant as if it were our own disney movie titled "The Kalesians".
Siting down to our tables with our closest friends with mickey ears with our own names and customized pins stating "night of a million dreams: eagle rock high" no keepsake can compete with what we received. Taking a look at the disneyland castle backdrop as a nice touch, applaud to SCO. Prom king Mr. David Trevino as he's in his own little world of bliss, looking forward to him becoming the disney star he said he would become and always puting smile on everyones face, and don't worry i got your back. Prom Princes to my very close friends Barry Boayes, Michael Arias, and Alex Loya, as i voted for all four of you guys as i bubbled in the number for your name as the other being Kevin Guihama another best friend of mine congrats mofos. Dancing from single ladies to telling everyone they're all a jerk, jerk, jerk. Nothing left but a smile on my face and leaving my memories at disneyland of the greatest prom ever. Graduation Here I Come.

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