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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Coming back from our track banquet listening to the fray. kevin, michael, aj, and were hit by the face that were officially done. here it is... its finally our graduation, what we've been waiting for since freshmen year. we all didn't expect it to come rushing towards us anytime soon, and now we've all come face to face with it. freshman/sophmore year going through our whole phase of trying to fit in by listening to emo/acoustic music wearing skinny jeans and shopping over at hollister and american eagle, scared to make new friends. with graduation being the last thing on our mind and summer and winter break being our first. hanging out with kevin at his house 24/7, bugging madie and michael because they laughed at every joke i threw at them, buying a water bottle because i had no one to talk too. manny, michael, and jayson all having long hair, playing halo 2 on the og x-box, and taking my first poop in the boys 3rd floor bathroom, having a small cruch on mereca galicia, and going to glendale galleria every friday. funny how all this was 3 years ago, can't believe it huh? me either. highlight of emerging from my hash line shell coming junior year geting the chance to finally claim a bench. here is where it gets social and where our junior class slowly becomes a group. hangin' out with the same friends as always, adding on to my friends, vinnie and adam, watching them graduate as a rope bearer made my stop and think about when it was my turn, us being next in line. then there it was... my last year of high school making more friends than i have ever had and actually enjoying school with my so called "second family". developing friends such as my x-box crew as we plan to sit next to each other during graduation, funny how a video game console can create spontaneous friendships.

From becoming friends our freshman year to developing into an amazing family of seniors, not just our own little cliques, but our class as a whole. talking about freshman year of how we talked about being big bad seniors hanging out in front of the quad where everyone in the school is looking up to us. all the friends accumulating as we grow each year. i can only wish i could have made more of my high school years, something that we have grown to live with living it with our daily routines. all of us remembering the first day of senior year as we walked into the school talking about how we can't believe it! kev and michael i couldn't have asked for better friends period. growing up through high school with you guys was the fucking cherry to my sunday. as the 3 of us make a promise to be friends forever. now were grown up with graduation being a few hours away as we walk on stage holding our "diplomas" as we partake a next stage to our lives, ill be waiting on those stairs for a hug as we say "we finally did it", just wanted you guys to know that i love you both. To my wonderful mom who pushed me to my fullest, i love you and i'll be waiting for a hug while cry as the Eagle Rock Kalesian Class of 2009 throws up our caps and gowns stomping on our emblem as a family. Typing this as i listen to songs from angels and airwaves and the fray, slowly tearing up from what we have evolved into becoming a big puzzle piece retained in my memory.

Now Here I Go Lifes Waiting To Begin.

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