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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Promtastic Flag Weekend.

holy family prom.
vinnie yanikaaaa, my prom date katrina whom was a very awesome prom date whom i cherish vastly , and i
pretty stocked about it being on a boat. wasn't a fan for the drive there since it took a kabagillion hours.
started off sloww, kickedd in towards the end. to sum it all up. motion sickness, hershey's toffee, single ladies, jerkin', lady gaga, pretty pictures, and a pretty awkward dancer. haha overall if was a pretty cool experience. thanks katrina for pickin me as you're prom date <3.

sherry & sheena panget. (edit. paet) , "Jed" , Ray, Digi.
sheena's performance might i add did pretty well. im glad i know a person who does flags. just makes my life 10 x more exciting. haha. wenonna over here now known as hoover's flag prodigy. they did so well. watching it once was a task watching it 2x? its own little man vs wild the 2nd time. good job hoover. oh also, taught them ninja, gonna spread like wildfire, i know it. noobies. <3>
if you haven't watched it, you need to see it. disney's just stepping up in the movie business. i think this beat wall-e by an inch. sorry wall-e & eve <3>. moved up #2 on my disney list. right in front of wall-e and behind the lion king. don't worry i got you simba nothing's going to surpass you. promise.

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