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Sunday, May 24, 2009

little lie.

ok ok maybe i lied about the whole updating it daily. it's just been so busy lately... haha


starting from when i woke up
9 am - 1 pm - hiking / waterfall searching w/ vinnie, adam, & dante
huge fail. waterfall was pretty disappointing not to mention the millions of people who were there. -____-
so we decided to head out to there main waterfall which you can actually jump off ledges and into the water butt EVERYONE in the entire fuxing world decided to go hiking today. ended up failing the wholee day haha
1 pm - 7 pm - vinnie, kevin & kyle, adam, keith
basketball basketball basketball basketball
pretty boring day actually just glad i got to catch up with my love... basketball haha

NO SCHOOL TOMORROW. thank you memorial day.

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