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Sunday, March 29, 2009


'09! SO FINE!
my apologies for not updating this thing. since im finding the time i promise this will be updated daily.

Dustbowl was great walking in my cheer uniform cheering for the seniors was great... with our senior class winning the cheer off on friday however with a heartbreaking loss to the juniors for the dustbowl game with the most anticipated game between our SENIOR ladies and JUNIOR girls. despite the loss the whole thing was great. Being part of this class activity was undescribable not to mention the many people i have gotten close too. Thank You Guys. After was pretty tiring. Hung out with vinnie kat and tiffany wanting to watch i love you, man but the little one tiffany not being the 17 yr old she appears to be we got shot down. haha ending up watching sex drive with a satisfying can of arizona ice tea and orange peach rings.

current priorities
- track & field (dissapointed with my performance on friday. =/)
- enjoying the rest of senior year

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