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Monday, March 30, 2009

kept promise.

as michael and I leave the school after track practice (which btw was a BITCH.) the whole graduation point hit us... from being a rope barer last year watching class of '08 graduate, its now our turn. looking back to how fast this year has been going by i have enjoyed every part of it. we talked about how were both gonna cry together and most of all an important promise i want to keep is to be friends with him forever.

me: you think your gonna cry at graduation?
michael: heck yess man
me: ME TOO!
michael: you gotta promise mee that well be friends foreverr.. (while driving)

me: of course man! i promise (pulls out the pinky)

and with that said, this promise will never be broken.

on the other hand. i think im developing a little crush on a certain someone.. :)

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