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Monday, December 1, 2008


Perfect song.
on shuffle btw.
Fort Minor - Whered You Go?

sorry everyone. haven't update in ages.
will keep this thing up to date. promise.

first of all. all computers need auto save on everything. So here I am doing my objectives and I am about what? 3/4 done with my work. Here comes a dilemma no ink -_-. go over to walgreens since they have some ink refill machine. So im back home and the computers off. G A Y right? so i ended up finishing all my homework around 3:30 not like it matters just have to get ready for school in the next 3 hours. well today school was a drag.. hope the girlfriend gets better.. having her sick sucks =/ get betttter... please.. anyway highlight for today was a 1 on 1 game of monopoly with kevin. I ended up loosing. haha well here i am now watching wild wild west (one day will smiths gonna play a villain a pretty slick one too) and drinking some hot coca as usual. see you tomorrow.

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