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Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Bear!

Ordinary People - John Legend.

This pas week at big bear smashed my expectations on what was going to happen. It was amazing.

This whole retreat reminded me on how confirmation has made a huge impact on my life. Why I wanted to become a Youth Leader. The meaning of Living life to the fullest. Not to take anything for granted and to be thankful for the people that give me the opportunity to be in their life.

I probably slept 3/4 of the way up to big bear and woke up RIGHT when we go up the mountain where the curves and zig-zags occur... but anyway the ride up the mountain wasn't bad since Katrina decided to come sit next to me and caught up with our lives. Once we get there we get our roommates and start to settle in our rooms with my mates John and Brian (pretty cool cats) and couldn't ask for better roommates. Then Mark set up some game for us and it showed us how to work, trust, and help one another because we are ONE family. That night the guys decided to have a little Circle of Trust thing going on and talked for 2 hours haha which was pretty fun which by the way... thanks Jaystar haha. The conversation started to drift towards Super Smash Brothers and the sound effects they make yoshi - prrrriinngg hhaaaa nes - pk fiiya , etc...Oh and Micool and I made up some cool handshake.. even though its not really a handshake.. haha Can I Rock It? After we all probably knocked out around 3:00 AM ( would have went to sleep earlier but the fcuking girls kept jumping cause they had cranium for the night. -_-)

This day was the greatest. Started off with talk with Joeset (sp?) about how your talents can contribute to many things and to never loose your faith and to ALWAYS put your faith in God. After that it was Angelo's talk with psychology things which was cool too and it helped us realize to NEVER assume anything, that everyone wins, and that there is nothing wrong asking for help and that it is in our nature to be competitive. After we went to lunch and I finally learned the stupid cup game! after 3 years of seeing the game being played I finally learned it haha. After went back to the meeting room and we finally got into our groups and I had John, Brian, Nicole, Jackie, Ann, Sam, and Lauren(Leader). Later we got together and opened up towards each other. After our session it made me realize what confirmation has done for my life, to never take anything for granted, and how to be thankful and realize what you have in your life. and how much my mom has done for me and all the things I have put her through and mom, just wanted to say Thank You and Sorry for the things I've done. Later that night I FINALLY talked to the girlfriend. You have no idea how amazing it felt to talk to her. It felt like I haven't seen/talked to her in months! I also would like to add that you have NO IDEA on how grateful I am to have you. Thank You for not giving up on me and always bringing my back into your life. Thank You for choosing me. Thank You for waiting all this time. You make me want to better in everything I do. Thank You for EVERYTHING and that YOU are my Inspiration.

Started off with Patricia's talk which was a really amazing talk. She made me realize the true definition of how to Live life to the fullest. which was through Love Inspire Venture Embrace. The retreat finally came to and end and it was time to go =(. Thanks SDYM for creating this program and putting your heart into it. Later that day I spent time with my Significant Other and seeing her just made my Day. Thank You Sheena. <3

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