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Sunday, July 11, 2010


1. i love the game of chess

2. my mom refers to me as "honey pie" and continues to do so until this day

3. my dad died when I was in the 3rd grade. and i pay him a visit once a month by myself just to talk

4. chick flicks are captivating and moving. a walk to remember is one of my favorite movies. stfu.

5. i sleep with 2 pillows for my head 1 to hug 1 in between my legs 1 for back support and 1 for leg leverage

6. when i come in contact with a spider i suggest you hand me a tampon.

7. I get nervous and shit bricks when i walk to girls

8. i st..stu..stutter more than i want too.

9. I think Trey Songz, Cristiano Ronaldo, Taylor Lautner, and Chad Michael Murray are my top good looking men.

10. i have a =x

11. im a blogger.. occasionally (

12. im right handed, yet i feel 100% more comfortable brushing my teeth with my left hand

13. when i was in elementary, when i farted in class. I always blamed anyone around me... i still might do so HAHA

14. facebook and xbox ruined my life

15. I want to marry a violinist

16. i'm more of the burger and fries rather than a 20$ entree

17. i love motherfucking ranch on everything

18. everytime i get soda outside of the can and bottle I always mix my drink. (sprite w/ fruit punch | sprite w/ root beer| sprite w/ pink lemonade | coke w/ pink lemonade etc.)

19. i'd google taylor lautner just so i can try to have the same hairstyle as him since he's mad attractive.

20. i can... teach you how dougie. teach ya, teach ya, how to dougie

21. I met Dennis Rodman at a Mcdonalds over in vegas and he refused to sign my x-men comic book.

22. i like bubbly music. Colbie Caillat, MIchelle Branch, Nsync, etc.

23. i'd visit a friend if we were to drive aimlessly for hours with 2 mcdonalds sweet teas and maybe some nuggets.

24. my perfect outfit for a girl are some shorts/sweatpants a baseball tee and hair up in a bun.

25. during elementary school i was a pokemon master and a yu-gi-oh GOD.

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