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Monday, February 15, 2010

imperfect vanentines day

the fact my valentine's day was imperfect, made everything perfect. actually was my first valentines day spending it with a significant other. whom actually baked me delicious cookies me and my mom

my planned valentines day consisted of a nice dinner at cheesecake and a valentines movie on valentines day driving over to santa anita parking at the highest level of a parking structure, there was no entrance through any of the doors since they were locked. checked out another opening and it was locked. so took the longer way down through the stairs in the opposite corner of where the car was parked -_-". going into the theater we got our tickets for valentines day and had a few hours to spare and wanted to grab something to eat, which was planned and decided to be cheesecake...turns out my nice dinner of cheesecake turned into a sit down taco bell/kfc in the car. cheesecake failed with a two hour wait, and decided to go to cpk. cpk closed so we decided to the food court. food court closed so we decided to find a place to eat, only place that looked open and presentable was a drive through taco bell/kfc, eh not my idea of a valentines dinner but our stomachs thought otherwise.grabbed a kfc famous bowl and some quesadillas also some popcorn chicken to replace the traditional popcorn for the movietaking out all our food from the bags, they didn't provide me with a spoon -_-, could this get any worse?! while eating my famous bowl with the lid it came with, a spoon decided to show up in my car. weird right!?and on top of that, i lost.... the straws. HAHA
we fished my well planned out romantic dinner for two and headed over to see the movie.

wasn't as much as a chick flick as i thought it would be. actually turned out to be a pretty good movie. check it out, even if its after valentines day.

to sum it all up,
my imperfect valentines day was spent with the perfect valentine.

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