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Sunday, December 27, 2009

and this christmas...!

Christmas day
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Christmas this year sneaked up on all of us. I admit, it didn't feel like Christmas was in a few days/hours until arriving at midnight mass at st.dominics. seeing all my friends at mass became a wake up call to my vision of christmas. clocked stroke 12, pulled out the phone and sent a mass text to everyone and to whoever i missed, happy holidays! Christmas day started off well with a warming present from vinnie... literally warming, thanks for the comfy blanket. Tiff, thanks for the pudding LOL oh and also the hoodie. Jaystar! came through with the hi-chews! thank you. Early christmas bliss at geni's house with some of my closest friends mike, jay, kellie, keith, and geni at her house. fun picture takings with michael and keith later tagged along with kellie and geni. Went home, woke up to a morning from my mom and opened our presents. Went to a few parties saw more friends and family stuffed myself in some filipino food and headed home. Headed to geni's house again with a abrupt invite and walked into some drunkies haha it was all fun though. headed home and spent the last two hours with my mother eating some soup and watching TFC (it grew on me!) Hope everyone had a merry christmas and enjoyed their share of the holidays. Next Up... 2010

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